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The Most Dishonest Campaign

Jim Roers, Shannon Roers Jones, and Jim Kasper don’t like it when their records are exposed, so they and their ‘friends’ funded with dark money are attacking the two Ben Hansons and Terri Hedman. Roers, Roers Jones, and Kasper along with their ‘dark money’ friends have spent well over $200,000 in their campaign to retain […]

Kasper: Open records are for other people

Two years ago, Jim Kasper made 26 separate open records requests (emails, letters, any form of communication) between the Department of Public Instruction and private, federal, and state entities.  It was ‘sweeping in breadth’ and covered a period of 6 years.  The estimated cost was $440,000!  Because Kasper issued emails directly to agencies, his request was discovered, […]

Cronies on the Campaign Trail

When EXTREME POLITICAL CRONIES run for office, THEY: Call a ONE TERM Senator a ‘Career Politician’ – Jim Roers Attempt to scuttle the FM Diversion and say they support it – Jim Kasper Complain about open meeting violations, but oppose opening their own records – Jim Kasper Are willing to impose government intrusion in their […]

D46 GOP Candidates call NDSU nursing program an ‘inside deal’

Mailers attacking District 46 Democratic-NPL candidates placed Jim Roers, Jim Kasper, and Shannon Roers-Jones squarely against the NDSU Nursing Program. The ‘inside deal’ referred to in this dishonest mailer was when the State Board of Higher Education, Chaired by Kirsten Diederich, approved NDSU’s assumption of Sanford’s nurse training program in Bismarck. Background In 2012 Medcenter […]

$40,000 Contribution Exposes Roers Conflicts at NDSU Foundation

Why would a California developer make the largest donation to a ND legislative race in the history of the state? What’s the connection? The answer is found within the NDSU Development Foundation where both serve as Trustees and until only a few months ago, were both on the Property Management committee of the Foundation. The nexus […]

Jim Roers Misleads and Violates the Law

It seems that Republican Senate Candidate Jim Roers has a terrible time following the law when it comes to political activity. We’ve just discovered that an televised attack ad unleashed against Senator George Sinner illegally misrepresents the sponsor of the ad. The ad is laughable in one respect.  It refers to Senator Sinner as a […]

Don’t Assume Kasper Supports Diversion

“Don’t assume that the State of North Dakota will step up to the plate with those (Diversion) dollars.”  This statement by Representative Jim Kasper at the September 13, 2012 FM Diversion Public Meeting (1 hr, 19 m) foreshadowed Kasper’s public position only a few short months later.  Kasper was cautioning local leaders not to expect […]

Kasper: Ethics and Legislators Don’t Mix

Teachers, Law Enforcement Officers, Medical Professionals, and Firemen all are are required to abide by an established Code of Ethical Conduct.   Why then, shouldn’t Legislators like Kasper have to follow similar ethical standards? ‘There’s not one instance of impropriety,” Kasper said.  “We don’t have a problem with unethical behavior in North Dakota.” (March 12, […]

Jim Kasper’s Costly Special Session

As the 2015 Legislative Session was winding down, Al Carlson, Jim Kasper and their extreme cronies put personal interest above the public interest when they adjourned without resolving the SB2022, the Public Employees Retirement System (PERS) Budget Bill. This last minute dysfunction, led by Carlson and Kasper, resulted in a special session that unnecessarily cost ND […]

A Matter of Respect

  Earlier, you may have read how, during the 2012 campaign, District 46 Republican candidates led by Jim Kasper and Jim Roers decided to violate city sign ordinances. Read: Obnoxious Campaign Signs? Thank Representative Kasper, June 9, 2016 At that time, they turned Roers Inc. trailers into illegal billboards and placed them throughout the district.  It […]