Cronies on the Campaign Trail


  • Call a ONE TERM Senator a ‘Career Politician’ – Jim Roers
  • Attempt to scuttle the FM Diversion and say they support it – Jim Kasper
  • Complain about open meeting violations, but oppose opening their own records – Jim Kasper
  • Are willing to impose government intrusion in their constituents’ personal decisions, but say they want limited government – Roers, Jim Kasper, Shannon Roers-Jones
  • Say they cut middle income taxes, but sent most tax relief to out of state – Jim Kasper
  • Talk about property tax relief, but call it a ‘one time expenditure’ so they can take it away – Jim Kasper
  • Say they support NDSU, but promote an ‘anti-NDSU’ blogger’s opposition to the NDSU Nursing Program – Jim Roers, Jim Kasper, Shannon Roers-Jones
  • Say there are no ethical problems, but are swimming in conflicts of interest – Jim Roers, Jim Kasper
  • Want to represent District 46, but campaign cash comes from California – Jim Roers
  • Say they won’t raise taxes, but won’t admit their plans will result in property tax increases – Jim Roers, Jim Kasper, Shannon Roers-Jones
  • Misrepresent who paid for their campaign ads – Jim Roers
  • Say they will reduce government spending,  but avail themselves of every property tax break they can get – Jim Roers
  • Go into a panicked meltdown when someone points out their record – Jim Kasper
  • Run the nastiest campaign in District history and complain when their opponents call them on it – Jim Roers, Jim Kasper, Shannon Roers-Jones

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