There’s no ‘Pay to Play’ for District 46 Democrats

In comparison to our Republican counterparts, nobody will be charged to participate in the District 46 Democratic-NPL Convention (scheduled for 11:30 am, Saturday, February 20th at the Ben Franklin Middle School)  OR  any subsequent Nominating Convention.

We just want you to come and participate!

A little background…
Recently a local talk radio programs highlighted the Bylaws of the District 46 Republican Party.

According to their rules, before participating in their District Convention, they are required to pay a $46 membership fee ($10 for students).
On one program, the D46 Republican Chair denied this was the case, but on another program, the host read the rules as they were amended on April 30, 2015.
We were able to obtain a copy of the Bylaws for the D46 Republican Party.

Here’s what they say:

Article IV, Section 2. Participation and Voting at Precinct Caucuses
To vote, an individual must:
  • Be a member of D46 Republican Party as stated in Article III of the Bylaws;
  • Voted or affiliated with the Republican party at the last general election or intend to vote for Republicans in the next; AND
  • Be current on D 46 Republican party dues prior to or at the beginning of the caucus.

Note: Article III Membership reads that dues are $46 per person or $10 for full time students – unless waived by unanimous vote of the Executive Committee 

The discussion centered around the D46 Republican requirement that YOU HAVE TO PAY TO VOTE at their District Convention.  Of course, they can waive this requirement with a unanimous vote of the District Committee.
When it comes to voting to nominate Legislative Candidates, however, there is no provision to waive the requirement.
Article X – Endorsement of District 46 Legislative Candidates

d) To participate in the endorsing process, each person must be a current dues paying member

In reality, however, District 46 GOP Convention Delegates were never offered the opportunity to choose their candidates on January 19th.  The District 46 GOP Legislative Nomination Process is the subject of our next post.  Stay Tuned….
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