June 7th Presidential Preference Caucus – D46 Dem-NPL

District 46 Dem-NPL announces presidential preference caucus

(Fargo, ND) – District 46 Dem-NPL Chairperson announced today that at 7:00pm local time on June 7, 2016 there will be a presidential preference caucus at Carl Ben Eielson Middle School, 1601 13th Ave S. to elect delegates to the June 18 State Delegate Selection Meeting in Bismarck.

Any person who is a Democrat and a qualified voter of the district may participate in the presidential preference caucus. The meeting is open to the public and all interested Democrats are encouraged to attend.

Note: It is important for interested voters to arrive early because they will not be able to participate if they arrive after 7:00 pm

To learn more about the District 46 Caucus, contact Scott Stofferahn at (701) 235-3291 or by e-mail atdemnpl.46@gmail.com. To learn more about the caucus process, contact the North Dakota Democratic-NPL Party at (701) 255-0460 or by visiting www.demnpl.com/caucus.